Organic & Sustainable Wealth Creation

Key Benefits

Investing in a truffle farm can offer a range of financial and personal benefits:

1. Create Generational Wealth
Well-managed truffle farms yield harvests for decades, meaning future generations can continue to benefit from your investment. The most conservative assumptions based on similar growing conditions project average annual returns of 21% with an IRR of 14%.

2. Diversify your Portfolio
Truffle farming is a unique asset class that operates independently of traditional financial markets, making it an excellent option for diversification. As a luxury product, truffles also tend to maintain their value even during challenging economic times.

3. Improve the Environment
Investing in our truffle farm means you plant new trees and contribute to sustainable land management and conservation efforts. Our farm is IOA (Irish Organic Association) Certified and prioritises environmentally friendly practices, such as permaculture and promoting biodiversity.

4. Partner with an Experienced Team
Your farm management partner is a 4th generation farming family, owners of Shanbally Estate, an organic farm. Our agri-science partner has unlocked the secrets of successful truffle cultivation in Ireland using a proven leading-edge scientific approach to truffle farming.

Truffle Farm Invest Brochure

Our PDF brochure offers more information about how this truffle farm investment works, our scientific truffle cultivation process, your farm management partner, and the projected annual returns.

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